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What does it mean being a Junior Nanny?

A Junior Nanny means being more qualified as an au pair but not enough qualified and experienced as a Nanny.

Qualification of a Junior Nanny

They are newly trained and hold less than two years experience in working with children and meeting their physical, social, emotional and educational needs.

For example: 

  • A child loving person who has worked in a kindergarten fulltime for one year
  • A previous au pair who has stayed at least 10 months abroad
  • A professional tutor who is willing to teach children in a second language, etc.
  • Someone who has a diploma as a nursery school teacher or nursery nurse but with only little working experience.
  • Students of pedagogy or social education who could already make practical experience in childcare

A Junior Nanny should provide:

  • First aid would be required
  • Smokers are not acceptable
  • driver’s license and safe driving history
  • English good to very good
  • Reliable, honest, and trustworthy
  • Physical ability to care for a young child

Duties of Junior Nanny

A Junior Nanny can undertake all tasks related to the care of the children but it is recommended they are more suitable for shared charge. 
Here are some major responsibilities of a Nanny but it depends on the employer:

  • work in partnership with a team of nannies
  • provide care and educational development for children from birth to 7 years old.
  • meet the physical needs of children, including dressing, feeding, and bathing.
  • is expected to undertake light household duties including children’s laundry, preparation of nutritional meals and maintain the cleanliness of the children’s room and belongings.
  • is expected to teach basic social, reading and writing skills to older children in the household.
  • plan and organize stimulating age appropriate activities
  • is required to bring children to school the children and supervise homework

Benefits and Payment of a Junior Nanny

Each family will create a schedule and shift pattern unique to them. It is normal for a Junior Nanny to be employed on a live in or live out basis and depends on the domestic circumstances of the family.

For more details please see the above information about live-out and live-in Nanny.

Junior Nannies would be offered a salary range between £200 - £400 per week.