Mother’s Day Special

(Au Pairs Nominate Their Host Mums!)

Hier findet ihr Kommentare von Au Pairs zu ihren Gastmüttern, die sie als "best host mum" nominiert haben:

Winning Nomination by Lobke from Holland – Host Mum: Anna (Wiltshire)

“I just saw the post on Facebook about Mother’s day. I would love it to take place in this because I have an amazing host mum!! From the beginning since I have been here she has been so good to me :) She wants to show me everything there is in England. Thanks to her and the rest of my host family I am having such a great time. It really feels like my second home My host mum Anna she  appreciate what I do in the house and that makes me feel special. We can laugh together but also have good conversations. She makes me feel very welcome in this family and I know that if there is something wrong I can always go to her and talk about it. I think she is the best host mum I could wish for!! I would love to give Anna the Waitrose Mother’s day Hamper, she really deserves it because she is always so busy with everything but still makes time for the rest of the family.

Here are some of the other top entries by au pairs

Nomination by Anne from Denmark – Host Mum: Annika (Hertford):

“I would like to nominate my host mum for the amazing Waitrose hamper! (Can I just say, it’s a great idea, the mummies sometimes need some appreciation) My host mum is the best! She is a lovely mum and wife and she has now become a lovely friend of mine. She is kind and welcoming and she has really made me feel at home. We can talk about everything and I can even come to her if I need mummy advice! I truly feel like I am a part of this great family. I can feel that they want the best for me, as I do for them. My host mum is a mummy to be for the second time at the end of May. It has been such a great experience following her pregnancy, and she has answered all my curious and awkward questions about being pregnant, it is all so exciting!!!! And unfortunately I will not be living with them anymore when she has the baby… I think my host mum deserves this hamper, because I would like to show her that I really appreciate her and all she has done for me! Kind regards Anne”

A nomination by Silvia from Spain – Host Mum Leah (Bromley):

A few words which come to mind when I think of my host mom Leah…

L oyal, lively…
E mpathic, easy-going…
A ccessible, appreciative…
H onest, hard-working…


Nomination by Lena from Germany – Host Mum: Sharon (Kent)

I also would like to nominate my host mum, Sharon, because she is just doing a wonderful job!

Apart from her just being a lovely, kind and caring person in general, she always makes me feel like I’m important to her and to the rest of the family. There is hardly any day on which she is not asking me how my day was, if I’m fine and if I’m happy. I guess that a lot of host parents do that but with her I always think that she really cares and listens to what I have to say. Throughout the last months we had lots of late night chats about everything, also really personal matters so I actually not only see her as my host mum but also as my friend. Moreover, Sharon is a really supportive person. Before I came here, I told my host family, that I need to take important exams in March and that therefore I need to study and prepare. Sharon always made sure that I had enough time to do that, she asked me if she could do anything to make me feel more relaxed or to support me with this. When I heard that I needed to go back to Germany for my exams two weeks instead of one, I was a bit worried because we had not discussed this but she was so supportive and it was absolutly no problem at all!

This February my Stepdad had a stroke and I was really upset. Sharon immediatly took care of me, said that I should go home as long as I need to and helped me find a flight for the next day. I was so greatful for how she acted, she was really empathetic and also when I was home she wanted to be uptaded on how my Stepdad was. I felt really guilty because I had to leave at such short notice and they had to organise somebody to cover for me, but Sharon took away all my guilt and insisted on me going home to see him.

These are just a few examples why Sharon is one of the best host mums! I could go on and on about why she is great but I guess you have quite a lot of nominations and emails to read ;)
I hope I could imply at least a bit why I think she should win and why she is so amazing!

Best wishes,

Nomination by Rebecca from Australia – Host Mum: Claire (London)

I think my host mum Claire should win the hamper as over the relatively short time I’ve been in London (7 weeks) she has made me feel completely comfortable and at home! The move here from Australia has been so blissful thanks to Claire being so open and supportive of me – she asks me daily how I am, what I’m up to and asks about my family/friends at home as well as introducing me to other nanny’s in order to help me make friends. I feel as though I’m truly apart of the family and that I am appreciated fully. Claire is constantly doing little things like telling me about a shop or place she thinks I’ll like or buying me some new vegetarian product that I might like haha and even when she is extremely busy with work and I might not see her she will text or email me just to check up on me! I’m so grateful to have been placed with such a beautiful family and that Claire has been so incredible in helping me settle in, can’t wait to continue my relationship with them!

Nomination by Bronte from Australia – Host Mum: Alison (Surrey)

From the minute I walked in the door to my new host family I felt welcomed and comfortable. My host mum Ali is pretty much super mum well thats what i like to call her, not only is she a full time working mother she is also so dedicated and loving to her children. I am so thankful to have met her not only is she my boss but also a great friend. We do our weekly dance class together and enjoy a nice chat every single day. She even sat beside me while I was in pain at the hospital over 2 days, pretty much converting her work desk beside my hospital bed, she has comforted me and cared about me right from the beginning. I believe super mum deserves something special on her mothers day!

Nomination by Martyna from Poland – Host Mum: Seema (London)

Hi! I wanted to post my nomination, because there are lots of things I can be thankful my host mum for!

First of all, I didn’t expected to feel as comfortable, welcome and a part of the family as I feel. I’ve liked the family from the very begining, when I contact them for the first time, but I didn’t expect that everything can work so well.
Thanks to my host mum, the first few weeks that may seem to be challenging and difficult were just the opposite. I felt the great support and openness. Everything has been explained thoroughly, sometimes even more than once :)
Despite my host mum is really busy, and a lot is happening, I had the feeling, and still have that I can always ask for everything. I can turn to my host mum not only with questions concerning my responsibilites, but about many others things.
Grammar, cooking, culture, trips, plans… the list is very long :)

Another thing that I want to thank for is the feeling of having here somebody taking care of me. At the beginning of my stay I got very sick and felt just terrible. It was also the time of my birthday.  But despite all of this I didn’t feel ‘double unhappy’, alone and causing troubles. My host mum did everything she could to make me feel better, and make sure that I’m fine.
What is more, she takes care of me like a real mum. Each time I was planning my trip to get to the airport I received very useful tips, and thanks to them everything went smoothly. She wanted to be sure I’m safe and sound.

When my mum in Poland heard about all of this she wanted me to say ‘thank you’ to my host mum on behalf of her, because she was so pleasd that I have somebody so great in here.
I don’t know if I clearly put in word what I have in my mind, but to sum up, I want to write that I really appreciate everything what my host mum is doing for me and the way she makes me feel in the family.

Big THANK YOU for everything!

Nomination by Pauline from Germany – Host Mum: Rebecca (Berkshire)

Hi, I just want to write you why my hostmum is the best hostmum ever. I arrived at the airport and I was so nervous.I thought hopefully my family is good and the kids like me.The first time I met them at the airport couldn’t be better.From the first moment I knew that’s the right family for me. I was absolutely right and had an amazing time in England.My host family makes me feel like a real member of the family.Thats why I always say my second or my British family! My hostmum is not only a perfect mum for her 3 adorable children she’s also a very intelligent, strong, happy and lovely person.It’s not always easy to handle 3 children and being a great hostmum but she always dealt with me brilliant! I celebrated with the whole family Christmas and it was an amazing time. They asked me every time when they did something special if I want to come with them.A British weeding and the Legoland were my highlights with my family!! You see I was not only an au pair. Whenever I had problems with e.g. my friends,school or British guys I could always ask her and we had a chat. And thats why I’m writing you.I just want to say thank you for the best time of my life with my hostmum and my family and I’ll always keep them in my heart and we stay in contact for sure. I had to go back for studying but at the moment I’m with my host family again for holidays.I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back!!

Nomination by Iiris from Finland – Host Mum Anna (Buckinghamshire)

Hi! I really liked your idea of saying thank you to great host mums so here’s my nomination. :) After staying with my host family for eight months, all I can say is I’m truly grateful for everything my host mum has done for me. When I first came here last summer, I felt right at home. Not only my host mum helped me with things like opening a bank account (which was a struggle!) and getting an English phone number, but also she took me swimming with the kids and to have lunch with her absolutely lovely parents at their house. Also she put a lot of effort into trying to help me meet other au pairs and that’s how I met some of my best friends here and didn’t have to be alone before a whole bunch of au pairs moved to this area a couple of months later. My host mum and I talk about all kinds of things and I hope we’ll keep in touch after I go back to Finland. She’s a personal trainer and lets me use her gym and also shows me how to use the equipment properly. I love the healthy food we eat (pudding included ;)) and it’s always nice to share recipes with her. I still have the pilates roller she lent me last summer to help me ease my back pain and also some  salve to help me sleep. When it comes to work, my host mum and I share all the jobs like taking the kids to school, walking the dog and doing household chores. She was very supportive when I wanted to start taking dance classes and all in all my host parents were flexible when I asked for time off for Christmas and my birthday and on short notice for going to see a film premiere in London – they even lent me a sleeping bag so I could camp out with other fans! // To get my host mum win your Mother’s Day prize would be a one good way to show it and she deserves it. Today I was ill and she offered to cook me something in case I was feeling too tired to do it myself. These little things matter the most!