Au Pair nach England - Au Pair Treffen

Die Partneragenturen bemühen sich sehr um Kontakte zu anderen Au Pairs und arrangieren Au Pair Treffen.

Hier findet ihr einige Beispiele:

Harry Potter Studios Tour
On Sunday 30th September, we visited the Harry Potter Studios. As you can imagine, when we announced this event, there was a huge amount of interest and the tickets sold out very quickly! We had a great time exploring the studios - it really is a 'must-do' for any Harry Potter fan. We will be organising another trip here in the near future :) 

On 11th June Isabelle and Aurelie joined a team of au pairs for London’s Colour Run at Wembley. It’s a 5k course during which you run through clouds of colour – and end up getting pretty messy! It’s a really fun event and always a favourite so we will definitely be organising a team for next year too.

Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s Day in the UK on 18th June. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank some of our brilliant host dads. We asked au pairs to nominate their host dads by telling us why they are special and how they have made their au pair placement enjoyable.

Urban Food Fest

On 24th June we hosted an au pair meet up at the Urba Food Fest in Shoreditch, London. We had the chance to meet au pairs whilst sampling various foods from around the world – amazing! It was lovely to get to know the au pairs a bit more during this event. A lot of the time we are all so busy with the different activities we have planned (or running 5k!) but at the Food Fest we had the chance to just sit and chat.